The narrative

A Flipped House - has been conceptualised and granted planning permission for a young professional couple focused on creating a home that can stand the test of time. Initially focusing on their love of entertaining, whilst maintaining a element of privacy from overlooking neighbours and also considering their extended family's from the local area of Forest Gate and overseas.

The proposal focuses on solving a large problem of overlooking from a neighbouring house, which has been over developed in the past. The neighbouring house sits with multiple windows looking down onto the only two entrances into the garden from the rear of the original house. Our proposal aims to create a better and more private connection to their outside spaces, focusing on a private courtyard and a precisely place tree which blocks unwanted views and is a elegant focal point internally through a round feature window.


The proposal flips the current layout to create a private courtyard away from the overlooking windows of the neighbours. Externally the new spaces are created as extruded forms clad in powder-coated aluminium to match the colour of the new slate roof. These forms consist of two separate dormers to the loft which allow for interesting and well lit spaces to the master bedroom and the two forms that create the L-shaped rear extension bordering the private courtyard. Powder-coated aluminium cladding, large scale glazing and painted original peddle dash sit in connection with living walls and clean contemporary interior gallery-esque finishes. All aspects of the design focus on the clients love for bespoke or niche furniture and allows them to be displayed as independent and autonomous objects within a well crafted space.


Name: A Flipped House

Location: Forest Gate, E7

Client: N/A


Design team: Richard John Andrews Ltd

Structural engineers: N/A

Contractors: N/A

Scope: Ground Floor Rear Extension and Loft Conversion

Scale: 45 sqm + 30sqm

Type: Residential 

Budget: £150,000

Status: Planning Granted 2019​


aflippedhouse map.jpg