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Thea studied from 2018-2021 at the renowned London design school Central St Martins, where she achieved first class with honours at RIBA part I qualification. Thea’s third year design work focused on implementing blue-green infrastructure on the Camden Highline to help mitigate the Urban Heat Island Effect created in London. Her work was nominated for multiple awards and featured in Something Curated’s ‘6 Architecture Graduates Reimagining The Future Of The City’ Article.

Within her studies, Thea is passionate about research. She was nominated for the RIBA Dissertation Awards for her thesis work looking at Social Sustainability within specific rural non-western contexts of India and Pakistan. 


Outside of working for RJA, Thea enjoys taking part in live build projects such as INTBAU’s all female architectural students live build project with Yasmeen Lari and Salvation Army’s construction of Sleeping Pods for the homeless community in East London.

Thea is part of a small collective called Studio Pending with two other Architectural Assistants who enjoy working collaboratively within Architectural Education programmes for future architecture students.

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