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With any project including one as large as building a company, brand and reputation within architecture and the built environment being able to identify at an early stage the goals that are achievable is the only factor that matters. As such when Richard established RJA in 2017 it was important to set feasible goals within the progression of the company and as such this established the first phase of the overall development strategy of RJA.

This first phase began with positioning the conception of the studio alongside life goals of creating a home for Richard and his wife, Kristina Ralph Andrews a fashion and editorial makeup artist who’s list of professional accolades include work featured in Vogue, i-D and Net-a-porter. This home would go on to become a testbed for working through designs, materials and detailing and how you implement an element of craftsmanship and value through a residential development.

This initial phase created a small portfolio piece of work to accompany other projects and collaboration Richard had achieved, most notably a collaboration on the studio, workshop and home of international renowned artist, Conrad Shawcross. The journey began and evolved into an appreciation for the theory of Holism in the workplace.

where it all started

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