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Following implementation of this kick-starter strategy to establishing the studio and the importance of wellbeing and a good work/life balance for the team, RJA needed to find a more removed premises for the expansion of the studio team and projects.

So was born, The Light Shed a diffused light fill, birch plywood lined and black corrugated clad garden studio with a biodiversity strategy and self-build process that would inform the education of team members over the course of 6 months, 1 day per week. The Light Shed provided a well needed disconnection from working at the kitchen table or in the spare room whilst retaining a connection to the local community of Forest Gate that Richard called home and hosted the majority of RJA’s projects at the time. In addition, the lack of workspace provision locally also plugs into the strategy of eventually launching RJA’s first creative coworking space and community hub in the years to come. 

But for now, and up until July 2021, The Light Shed was the home of RJA with a homely feel to a busy emerging architecture studio with communal lunches, movie sessions and group discussions putting the industry to rights.

establishing distance

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