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“Greater than the sum of its parts” is exactly what Richard believes in when it comes to establishing a sustainable architectural studio. There are different contributing elements to the success of the studio that all rely on the other, and although one will work without the other, the theory of Holism suggests that they wouldn’t flourish without the support of each element.

Within this endeavour Richard has created an architecture studio, with a portfolio that boasts location properties of both, A Cork House, The Light Shed and Forest Gate Works. Forest Gate Works establishes a creative coworking space using desks that are surplus to requirements within the architectural practice and this also provides community infrastructure through establishing the community hub element to the project supporting local SME’s, start-ups and community groups through-out the year. Finally, the launch of Forest Gate Hosts, a events space showcasing a programme of evening and weekend events across a diverse clientele will create expanded networking opportunities and all feed back into the studio creating the sustainable studio structure.

Following the successful delivery of this strategy so far, Richard is now looking to expand the profile of the studio with larger scale projects being interspersed with the core of creative bespoke residential projects and clients that have supported this process through the appointment of RJA.


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